Administrative and Financial Vice Rector’s Office – Resources and Social Projection

The Administrative and Financial Vice Rector’s Office is in charge of managing resources at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN), and together with its team of five sub-directorates and the Contracting Group works hard every day to carry out the procedures that allow the institution to work in every area by allocating resources for payroll payment of employees, teachers and workers as well as for facilities maintenance, and at large allocating resources for all the logistics required to support the mission processes.

Moreover, it is responsible to coordinate funds provision to carry out the implementation of investment projects related to infrastructure, university welfare, research, and teacher training, among others, according to the Institutional Development Plan. Hence, one of the divisions of this Vice Rectorate, i.e. the Sub-Directorate of University Welfare, may provide support, such as the ASE monitors –which involve volunteering with administrative tasks in a variety of areas to be paid for this work–; academic monitors synchronized with the Academic Vice Rector’s Office; developing various programs, such as sports, culture and health; organizing calls for applications for the benefit of students, such as subsidized meals, installments and reinstatement of tuition fees; and managing economic support, such as the agreement with the Special Administrative Unit of Public Utilities (UAES, by Spanish acronym), which was established to financially assist students who inhabit certain vulnerable areas of Bogota.

The infrastructure arrangements required for developing activities of the university community are also in charge of this Vice-Rector’s Office; premises, such as Paulo Freire Cultural Center, the bookstore, Pedagogical Museum, buildings E and P at 72nd Street, the health area, El Nogal restaurant, Casita de la Vida and Instituto Pedagógico Nacional, among others, were arranged by contracts signed by engineering companies with significant resources, many of them coming from major efforts related to own funds.

Fernando Méndez Díaz, who leads this Vice-Rector’s Office since 2018, is a civil engineer graduated at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 1981 and a specialist in Construction Company Management at Escuela de Administración de Negocios –EAN– in 2001. He has worked as a public officer at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional –his positions as Deputy Director of General Services 2014-2017 and Administrative and Financial Vice-Rector from 2017 until now–; he was Secretary of Public Works of Buga (Valle). 2004-2007; Advisor in the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Development in 2003; at the Ministry of Health, he worked as Deputy Director of Fondo Nacional Hospitalario, among other positions, 1989-1993; and Advisor to General Directorate of Development of Health Services of the Ministry in 1994.

Our institution continues to work for an effective management of resources that could generate life quality for each member of the university community and could contribute with an education distinguished by excellence and relevance for new Colombian generations.